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"Fantastic food, amazing service! My husband and I went for a weekday lunch and got the two person combo.  If it hadn't been so good, we easily could have had enough left for both of us for dinner. As it was, there is enough for one. ... So amazing to have an Ethiopian place this good in Herndon. Try it!" R F., Herndon, VA

Enatye Special Combo


"I lack the words to describe how good the coffe and beef tibs are at this small restaurant.  The best I can do is that this is the best coffee I have ever had, amazing.   The tibs put Zed's to shame and the service was excellent too even for a casual lunch.  Highly recommended stop for a great and memorable meal or just coffees! ..." Scott N., Haymarket, VA

Enatye Special Combo


"Excellent food! ...  Insanely rich and good.  The food is very well-spiced and packs some heat - ask for awaze (pepper) paste if you want to kick it up a notch further.   

The service is extremely hospitable and friendly.  Great place - food as good or better than our favorites in DC.  Vibrant flavors!" Christina M., Washington, DC

Enatye Special Combo


"This is definitely one of the best Ethiopian restaurant in the whole Washington DC area. I have dined in many Ethiopian restaurant and despite their popular name, their food is not as tasty. I usually tests as if it's pre-made and warmed food, but the food in this Enatye restaurant is very appealing to eat, smells fresh and tests good. Their leb leb tibs was delicious and freshly made. Their Macchiato with its creamy foam tasty and has all the caffeine I need for the day. ... " Temay A., Sterling, VA

Enatye Special Combo


"First time eating Ethiopian food (My family and I), celebrating my nephews birthday, the food was absolutely great! We had lamb, chicken and a fish dish with some great apps to combine. The food has a unequivocally unique taste to it, not spicy at all. Compliment a traditionally brewed Ethiopian coffee at the end of the meal (A MUST HAVE) and great service from the owner himself, it was a great experience. Definitely recommending this place to friends, family and colleagues!" Aman B., Herndon, VA

Enatye Special Combo
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