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This is definitely one of the best Ethiopian restaurant in the whole Washington DC area. I have dined in many Ethiopian restaurant and despite their popular name, their food is not as tasty. I usually tests as if it's pre-made and warmed food, but the food in this Enatye restaurant is very appealing to eat, smells fresh and tests good. Their leb leb tibs was delicious and freshly made. Their Macchiato with its creamy foam tasty and has all the caffeine I need for the day. " Temay A., Sterling, VA
Enatye Special Combo



Enatye is where the aroma, delicious taste, and comfort of the kitchen takes you home.


You feel like missing mommy's cooking? Then, come and dine with us at Enatye.

Enatye Special Combo
Enatye's Yetsom Special, 100% VEGAN!


Enatye Special Yetsom Dullet & Macchiato and much more 

Enatye Special Combo
YeTsome Macchiato
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